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Old-Academic Committee

Research group

Dr. Eduardo Hornos

President of the Practicum Foundation. Madrid, Spain.

Dr. Eduardo Pleguezuelos

Academic Secretary of the Practicum Foundation. Madrid, Spain.

Dr. Prof. Amir Sam

PhD. Chair of the Scientific Committee, EBMA. Imperial College London. London, UK.

Prof. Cees Van der Vleuten

PhD. Director, EBMA. Maastricht University. Maastricht, The Netherlands (Project Advisor).

Dr. Prof. Carlos Collares

PhD. Psychometrician / Assessment Specialist, EBMA. Maastricht University. Maastrich, The Netherlands.

Dr. Prof. Adrian Freeman

President, EBMA. University of Exeter Medical School. Exeter, UK. Spain.

Panel of Experts

Alexandra Binnie

Specialist in Internal Medicine Assistant Professor at University of Algarve (Portugal).

Alexandre Carvalho

Specialist in Internal Medicine Professor at University of Minho (Portugal).

Arnaldo Lichtenstein

Specialist in Family and Community Medicine and Professor of the Clinical Medicine Department at the Faculty of Medicine of University of Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Carlos Capela

Specialist in Internal Medicine at Braga Hospital/Minho University - School of Medicine (Portugal).

Dmytro Khadzhynov

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Research assistant at Charité Universitaetsmedizin - Berlin (Germany).

Eleanor Grogan

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Consultant & Clinical Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University Medical Scool (UK).

Harm Peters

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Professor of medical education at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany).

Hugo N. Catalano

President of the Internal Medicine Society of Argentina. Professor of Internal Medicine University of Buenos Aires / University of Salvador (Argentina).

James Read

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Academic Clinical Fellow Plymouth University (UK).

Javier Abellán

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Professor of Practical Simulation Seminars in Medicine at Francisco de Vitoria University (Spain).

Jeremy Richards

Director of the Medical Education Research Laboratory. Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Harvard Medical School (USA).

Jingzhou He

Specialist in Cardiology & Internal Medicine, and Academic Clinical Fellow at University of Exeter (UK).

Joana Makowska

Specialist in Internal Medicine. Doctor at the Department of Rheumatology Medical at University of Lodz (Poland).

Ketevan Kapanadze

Internal Medicine Specialist David Tvildiani Medical University (Georgia).

Lenin de Janon Quevedo

Specialist in Critical Care Medicine. Director of the M.D. Program at the Catholic University of Argentina (Argentina).

Liza Goderdzishvili

Specialist in Internal Medicine Head of Department Tbilisi Central Hospital David Tvildiani Medical University (Georgia).

Luigi Iuliano

Specialist in Internal Medicine Chair, UOC Internal Medicine Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).

Jesús Millán

Specialist in Internal Medicine. Director of the Chair of Medical Education of the Complutense University of Madrid. Vice President of the Spanish Society of Medical Education (Spain).

Editorial Board

Mark Sudlow

Specialist in Internal Medicine Senior Lecturer Newcastle University (UK).

Rachel Allan

Specialist in Family and Community Medicine. Deputy academic lead for General Practioner teaching at Oxford University (UK).

Rita Marçal

Specialist in Internal Medicine. University of Algarve (Portugal).

Amir H. Sam

Imperial College

Scientific Director at EBMA and Head of Curriculum & Assessment Development at the ICL.

Teaching collaborators

Anjali Amin

Imperial College

Internal Medicine specialist and teacher at the ICL.

Rebecca Scott

Imperial College

Internal Medicine specialist and teacher at the ICL.

Laksha Bala

Imperial College London

Clinical Education Fellow (Curriculum and Assessment).

Catherine Swales

Oxford University Medical School

Director of Clinical Studies.

Blanca Chong

La Salle University, Mexico

Director of Continuing Medical Education.

Alonso Heudebert

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine.

Winter L. Williams

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Co- Director, Internal Medicine Clerkship.

Victoria Carnall

University of Exeter

Anna Lowdon

University of Exeter

Matthew Young

University of Exeter

Xavier Verhelst

Ghent University


Philippe Gevaert

Ghent University

Chairman Medical Education.

Kristoff Vandekerckhove

Ghent University

Cardiologist .

Alain Verstraete

Ghent University

Senior full professor and Head of the Toxicology lab at Ghent.

Bruno Art

Ghent University

Department of Public Health and Primary Care.

Marta López del Hierro Casado

European University of Madrid

Leader of the Simmulation Project in Medicine.

Jorge F. Gómez Cerezo

European University of Madrid

Head of Internal Medicine. University Hospital Infanta Sofia.

Almudena Fernández Vaquero

European University of Madrid

Professor and researcher at the Dpt of Basic Biomedical Sciences.

Paulina Sobieranska

Medical University of Lodz

Assistant, Teaching coordinator. Centre for Medical Education.

Manuel J. Párraga

San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia

Director of Simulation and Clinical Skills.

Esteban Andrés Cortés Sedano

University of Chile

Associate Professor. Department of Internal Medicine.

Pamela Andrea Wurmann Kiblisky

University of Chile

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine Clinical hospital.

James Boyle

University of Glasgow

Honorary Clinical Associate Professor.

Students' Advisory Group

Rachel Westacott

University of Birmingham

Researcher Birmingham Medical School.

Laura Martínez

President of the State Council of Medical Students, CEEM (Spain).

Kevin Zoilo

Member of CEEM (Spain).

Juan Aguilar

Member of CEEM (Spain).

Lucía Escabias

Member of CEEM (Spain).