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Practicum Script is an online simulation-based programme aimed at enhancing clinical reasoning and problem-solving skills as well as introducing the concept of uncertainty in decision-making. Its methodology is founded on cognitive psychology and complexity sciences. Students face clinical challenges based on real patients. The simulator presents a comprehensive evaluation of all stages of clinical reasoning, from hypotheses generation (heuristic reasoning) to corroboration (inductive reasoning), through decision-making in the presence of new clinical data of the patients (hypothetical-deductive reasoning). Its feedback model stimulates reflection on actions (metacognition) based on the responses given by experts and evidence-based medicine.

The pool of cases in Practicum Script is provided by renowned specialists from top universities and the contents are validated by an international panel of experts and local auditors. Practicum Script offers exercises that are particularly suited to train and reinforce the students' ability to integrate and apply different types of knowledge, as well as to understand and weigh different perspectives in complex cases, promoting active learning in class or remotely. Professors can access individual and group results throughout the entire training cycle, and are provided with an optional resource to conduct debriefing sessions. Practicum Script maximizes the acquisition of experiential knowledge by students in their transition to professional practice.

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How it works

Although this is a tutorial video for CME/CPD, the methodology for the undergraduate programme is the same.

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Practicum Script makes the difference

  • First simulator to include heuristics as part of the student's learning process.
  • Embraces uncertainty during decision-making acknowledging that more than one valid solution is possible.
  • Targets the entire reasoning process rather than a specific outcome.
  • Equipped with an artificial intelligence system that provides immediate feedback after students formulate hypotheses in free-text format.
  • Provides feedback with combined opinions from experts and best clinical evidence.
  • All patients are real; our cases are not academic exercises to test knowledge; instead, they are designed to measure know-how to solve dilemmatic situations in daily practice.

What the experts say

How can medical schools
implement Practicum Script?

Practicum Script can be used as:

  • A formative tool along the academic year for students in their final three years of medical school.
  • As a mixed model, consisting of a first cycle of formative diagnostic assessment and a second cycle of summative assessment.

Most medical schools currently using Practicum Script integrate our summative exam into the OSCE for final year medical students.

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