How we create content

Renowned specialists from different medical schools create clinical cases under the methodological and pedagogical supervision of the Practicum Script academic team. All cases are based on medical records of real patients presenting with conditions that are prevalent across different health care settings (outpatient consultations, emergency visits, and hospitalizations).

For the internal medicine programme, the cases are developed by an editorial committee from Imperial College London comprising experienced specialists involved in teaching roles at the undergraduate level.

The validation of the cases is carried out by an international panel of experts, consisting of 20 specialists from top medical schools in Europe and America. Experts are asked to answer the cases individually and provide rationales for each decision, as a crucial component of the feedback for medical students.

The final cross-validation step – aimed at ensuring the rationality of the experts' responses and an optimum learning experience for medical students – includes the application of an online Delphi-like methodology in those scenarios with significant variability among answers, a literature review of clinical evidence supporting the experts' judgement and local audits in terms of the relevance of the cases in the country where Practicum Script is being implemented.

In internal medicine, the revision and validation of the cases have been carried out by internal medicine professors from medical schools in Europe, the United States, and Latin America, including the University of Oxford, Harvard, Exeter, Newcastle, Plymouth, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, the Sapienza of Rome, and the University of São Paulo, among others.