With Practicum Analytics, the teaching staff of any university subscribed to the Practicum Script clinical reasoning training programme can recognise knowledge gaps and reasoning failures among their students, in groups or individually, and reinforce learning with educational interventions. If Practicum Mentoring valued the deconstruction of error and the figure of the mentor to feed clinical reflection, Practicum Analytics facilitates the review of the student performance to personalise teaching based on detected needs.

Practicum Analytics facilitates educational inputs to provide educators with an experience aligned with student’s needs and skills

Adaptive learning, which focuses on addressing the needs of each student based on their abilities and weak points, is the main objective of Practicum Analytics. Through a clear presentation of data, in the form of metrics and graphs, this new implementation designed for educators adapts the teaching-learning process to the needs of students more effectively. How? Practicum Analytics provides group and individual indicators of the levels of academic performance of students throughout the training cycle, in order to follow their evolution and correct possible gaps in time.

Practicum Analytics identifies when it takes longer for a student to progress with a certain subject area and indicates when it is appropriate to skip well-known topics or reinforce something. Easy to consult and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Practicum Analytics facilitates educational inputs to provide students with an experience aligned with their needs and skills. Monitoring patterns and algorithms define different profiles. The answers, tasks and routes of the student allow teachers to access accurate and updated data of each one of the members of an online education environment.

The system collects aggregate statistics on the strengths and weaknesses of each student cohort. Real-time metrics allow instructors to support students, as well as to monitor their activity and engagement with different topics throughout the course and examine their results according to their specific scores in each clinical case, by thematic areas and types of clinical decisions, allowing them to target their interventions to those spaces where additional learning is desirable. Practicum Analytics canalises deeper and more meaningful learning, focusing on good choices, mistakes and different learning rhythms.

Smart tutoring

This methodology offers attention to the diversity of the classroom, directing the efforts to the difficulties observed, to maintain the motivation of the students and to envisioning new challenges. The objective is that, with very little effort, teachers can provide an individualised attention in person or remotely. Practicum Analytics favours the development of knowledge and skills of each student through planned feedback. For the teacher, it saves considerable time. With a simple signage of colours and diagrams the tool itself indicates in which clinical case or in which stage of clinical reasoning the group or a particular student finds more obstacles.

Practicum Script is the first internationally developed programme focused on self-assessment and clinical reasoning training. The model provides greater autonomy in carrying out tasks and triggers the motivation of the end user. For its part, with the information that is automatically collected from the student’s performance, Practicum Analytics is the final link to optimise the teaching-learning strategy. In this way, traditional teaching, passive and focused on the transmission of knowledge, is transformed into a more flexible and participatory formula, with the student as the active protagonist of their own learning.


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