The Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (UCA) has joined our programme to participate in an international, multicenter, research programme that will include the application of Practicum Script to fourth- and fifth-grade medical students. The agreement was sealed last Tuesday between the dean of the UCA Medical School, Dr. Hernán Seoane, and the president of the Practicum Foundation, Dr. Eduardo Hornos.

the goal is to equip students with the expertise that they will require in their future clinical practice

Very soon, medical students will join the informal profile of specialists and residents participating in the Practicum Script clinical reasoning training programme. The simulator will then leap from a continuous training of postgraduates to the clinical cycle of graduation, hand in hand with the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (UCA). The relationship between the Practicum Foundation and the UCA goes back several years and has now materialized with the establishment of research protocols on the use of Practicum Script by fourth- and fifth-grade medical students of the school during rotations in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. This will occur under the umbrella of the European Board of Medical Advisors (EBMA), an organization that endorses Practicum Script as a tool to promote learning and superior cognitive abilities.

The UCA medical school will distribute Practicum Script to all hospitals associated with the institution during the academic year of 2018-2019. The programme will be applied as an extracurricular training activity in the areas of Cardiology, Gastroenterology, and Pulmonary Diseases and will target all fourth- and fifth-grade medical students during rotations in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. The Practicum Foundation, for its part, will provide a code for each student to access the digital platform and offer tutorials related to the methodological aspects of the model or use of the simulator. As usual, users can participate in an online forum to exchange opinions, review relevant literature, and access a portfolio to review each of the 20 clinical cases that make up the simulator’s didactic collection.

Regarding the potential production and validation of medical content, UCA may suggest to Practicum the names of professors in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics associated with the institution to collaborate in creating and reviewing clinical cases. In this way, Practicum ensures the suitability of the cases presented, i.e., its adaptation in terms of difficulty and regionalism. For the past three consecutive years, Practicum Script’s online simulator of clinical challenges has trained more than 7,000 physicians in Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, and Latin America.

EBMA Protocol

Based on the premise that clinical reasoning is a relevant transversal competence of clinical performance, the Practicum Foundation has designed a pilot project to equip students with the expertise that they will require in their future clinical practice. The UCA is part of an extensive list of universities in Europe and Latin America that will carry out a study, under the umbrella of EBMA, to apply Practicum Script as a clinical reasoning tool for students in their final years of medical school, during their internship and clinical rotations. The objective of this study is to assess the feasibility of integrating Practicum Script as a standardized methodology to train thinking skills and its reliability as a strategy for longitudinal progress evaluation.


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