If one month ago we talked about the Argentine Catholic University (UCA), now it is the turn of the University of Salvador (USAL), which joins the multicenter project to implement the real clinical case simulator Practicum Script to the clinical cycle of the medical degree. The partnership will also include the implementation of the clinical reasoning training program for senior residents in Cardiology, Pediatrics, and Gastroenterology who are associated with USAL’s hospital network. The agreements are signed by the center’s rector, Carlos I. Salvadores de Arzuaga

The partnership will provide support to investigate the potential of THE TOOL in different levels of medical education

The University of Salvador, in Buenos Aires (Argentina), has signed agreements for applications of the Practicum Script program to medical students and the simulation program to residents. The partnership between USAL and the Practicum Foundation will provide support to investigate the potential of Practicum Script as a useful training tool in different levels of medical education. The parties agree on implementing the Practicum Script program adapted to fourth- and fifth-year medical students during clinical rotations in Internal Medicine, and granting scholarships for last-year residents specializing in Cardiology, Gastroenterology, and Pediatrics.

The activities will start in 2019 and will include the implementation of pedagogical research protocols. With regard to the students, the program will develop under a joint project with the European Board of Medical Assessors (EBMA) and, on the side of the residents, will follow the tradition of the Practicum Foundation of awarding advanced training scholarships. With the purposes of creating content and adapting the academic work of Practicum Script, USAL will provide the Practicum Foundation with information about the teaching curriculum of each academic year in which the program will be applied, including the subjects and their percentage of relevance, and formative and evaluative objectives.

In addition, regarding the direct application of the program to the medical degree cycle, USAL may select and suggest to the Practicum Foundation the names of professors teaching Internal Medicine in hospitals associated with the university to collaborate in generating and validating clinical vignettes. Specifically, USAL will make Practicum Script available to all its associated hospitals as an extracurricular training activity directed to all fourth- and fifth-year medical students. Practicum will provide USAL or the participants with complimentary access codes to the platform, and the training experience will be carried out with 20 real clinical cases to be solved during the period of clinical rotations in Internal Medicine.

The course directed to residents will be presented in each of the three specialties through a simulation of 30 real clinical cases presenting 150 different scenarios. A new case will be published weekly for 30 weeks, while the complete course cycle will unfold over 10 months. Throughout the course, the beneficiaries will receive methodological tutoring and access to an online discussion forum and a digital portfolio, as well as 24-hour technical assistance through the Script Connect service. They may also opt to receive the proper title of University Expert in Clinical Reasoning provided by the Distance University of Madrid, which will grant 20 European university credits (ECTS) to those who are approved in the program.

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